The Infallibility of EVM (part 3 of 3)

To sum up the 1st and 2nd part, Brother Felix Manalo kept it so simple – he preached what was in the Bible. His purpose was to bring people to God – not to him. He kept repeating, as you heard on various occasions – “do not believe Manalo” because that would entail people following him and not God. There was no campaign to be ONE WITH FYM. He made this clear because he himself admitted to making mistakes.

This brings us to the Infallibility issue. I am quite certain no minister would admit that EVM is infallible. However, what the reply may be is that the Administrator is guided by the Holy Spirit. Yes, so was Brother Felix and Brother Erdy, but it does not mean that every decision of every second of the day was from the Holy Spirit. They did not have to have the Holy Spirit to decide what to have for lunch or what necktie to wear. (was that pink he wore last Sunday?) The Holy Spirit is sent by God and Jesus “to teach, to guide and to remind”. (John 14) So why did Brother Felix say he made a mistake in making a decision about who to vote for? That is the human element. It is up to the Messenger, or the Administrator if they will follow that “guidance”. If they do not follow, that is when there are mistakes. That is why the INC does not preach Infallibility. So in short, it would be wrong to think that EVERY thought, EVERY word and EVERY decision of the Executive Minister is free from error. This is also why ka Felix emphasised “do not believe Manalo”. So can WE know if what they are teaching is not what the Spirit wants? That’s why the Apostles said we “These things we also speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” So our part is to discern if the teachings, the actions and decisions agree or jive with what we have previously received.

Isn’t this what the whole matter is about? Why are there so much rumbling from brethren nowadays? Because what we are witnessing is different from what we have learned.
– There were no sales of memorabilias, coffee table books, calendars, tickets, raffles, and the list goes on.
– There were no express/family expulsions – unless the entire family was rebellious.
– There were no Church debts – not a penny – (Are you asking me if the church owes? Don’t believe rumours. Ask the contractors and banks – they will tell you)
– There was not even a hint of corruption of Church leaders pocketing large amounts of cash
– There was no missionary work with offerings.
– There was no bullying
– There was no mocking of the expelled
and there certainly was no I AM ONE WITH FYM / EGM campaign before.

So now you decide for yourselves, is it still the same? Has the Administration listened to the Spirit? Don’t be ONE with EVM simply because you were told to. Examine first. That is why God created us this way. Not as mindless sheep. He did not create us like robots. He gave us minds to figure out and discern what is true or not. That is what Brother Felix Manalo was teaching to the people – THINK. UNDERSTAND. DO NOT BE BLIND FOLLOWERS.

So when did it become all about EVM? There are giant posters, banners and music videos** about EVM.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.11.28 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 3.26.59 PM

When did the church become all about the Administration? To be more specific, THIS Administration. Why did I emphasize that? Think carefully again about the statistic that have been presented to us in the worship services… the number of ordained Ministers… the number of chapels built… the number of guests who have listened… were you paying attention to what was being said? They will mention that in the “last 6 years…” WHY? Is it a COMPETITION of what Brother Erdy accomplished? Is it a COMPARISON to what Brother Felix has done? Why not say that since 1914? Why the last 6 years? These are the numbers from the beginning of the Administration of ka EVM. Has the Church only started in 2009? Why is he comparing himself and the results of His administration to the previous 95 years? This is what we do not understand. The church has reached 101 years and yet what we hear and the accomplishments during HIS tenure. Is he competing with the messenger and his father? For example, this is part of the actual Worship Service last year (2015):

From January to April in this year alone, we have dedicated to God 14 houses of worship in the Philippines and seven others abroad. Just these past two months, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo dedicated to God the houses of worship in Chicago in the Northern Midwest District; Staten Island in Northeastern Seaboard; Corpus Christi in Southern Midwest; Roseville, Northern California; and the latest one dedicated to God was that of the local congregation of Daegu, South Korea. All these are worth millions of money and are shouldered by the Central Office.
The number of houses of worship as well as the barangay chapels in the Philippines is 243, whereas in abroad, there are currently six houses of worship being built. Aside from this, 32 houses of worship are set to being constructed abroad. All of these are funded by the Central Office.
All in all, from September 2009 to April 2015, about five-and-a-half years of Brother Eduardo V. Manalo’s leadership, the number of houses of worship constructed has reached 594 in the Philippines and 62 in other countries.”

Does anyone else notice this? I said it from the beginning. I am not a “Defender” but as I listen to the lessons, I compare things I read, I am compelled to ask more questions.
Is this the work of the propaganda machine of the “Sanggunian”?
Is this actually from our Leader, ka Eduardo?
Shouldn’t the results be a PROGRESSION from 1914 to the present time?
Why distinguish the results from SEPTEMBER 2009 onward?
Are we to say that ka EVM is better than the previous Administration?

This is not a figment of my imagination. These are words from Worship Services. If you want to hear from ka EVM himself, here is what he says:


In English, he says, “the places we go to, are places the Messenger and Brother Erano Manalo have never reached”. We call that competing with the past.

If one really wants to compare, you cannot. Think about it, it would not even come close:

– In about 50 years, under brother FYM, the Iglesia Ni Cristo was registered with the government; the membership went from ONE to hundreds of thousands. This was all during the 1st and 2nd World War. That is like 100,000% rating.
– In about 46 years, under brother EGM, the Iglesia Ni Cristo endured the communist (Hukbalahap) insurgency , built a beautiful temple which is used regularly for worship, the church reached and spread to the Far West and the membership reached into 3 million plus while saving millions of dollars. Again, probably 100,000% rating.
– What can ka EVM compare? in 6 years, he used the offerings to build a really expensive arena that is used occasionally, he expelled his mother and siblings, and the Church is in disarray spiritually and financially. There is currently no World War, just Facebook.

Do you really want to compete with history?

So if there is anything to learn here, 1. Even leaders are human and prone to mistakes. 2. The changes that we see are not good. and 3. Do not compare. You are nowhere close to what your predecessors have done.

This is why I’m sorry to say we cannot have the One with EVM shoved down our throats. Yes, we should respect our leaders but respect is not imposed – it is earned. It is earned when the brethren can see that what we are receiving are truly God’s words and not differing from what we have learned from the Messenger. What you have read here is not heresy. You heard the voice of the Messenger. What you read are verses. What we were taught is that it is only God and Jesus who are truly important. Man is fallible. Man makes mistakes. Man sins. For prayers to be uttered around the world, for ka EVM – “most important man in the world”, as one Head Deacon put it, it is something that would not have pleased Brother Felix Manalo. We are all merely humble servants who must do what we are required to do – nothing more.

In closing, here is one more audio recording of God’s Messenger wherein he says with all humbleness:


“In my speech, I am not persuading you to me. If I persuade you to me, I will tell you my opinions. No. What I am telling you, I read. This is what I am persuading you to. This is what you should believe in.”

I truly pray that our leader would bring us back to this humbleness.

I put an asterisk on the above term “music video” because they may not realize that the British flag that is part of the video is composed of 3 CROSSES: St. George’s cross for England, St. Andrew’s cross for Scotland and St. Patrick for Ireland. Christian music? Do they study these things??

And this was approved by the Administration.


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