The Infallibility of EVM (Part 2)

INFALLIBLE: adjective
incapable of making mistakes or being wrong: doctors are not infallible.
• never failing; always effective: infallible cures.
• (in the Roman Catholic Church) credited with papal infallibility: for an encyclical to be infallible the pope must speak ex cathedra.


The concept of infallibility is actually quite alien to most members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. It is a Catholic teaching, as the dictionary states, that it is credited with “papal infallibility”. The topic of infallibility is important to understand because many members of the Church are under the impression that Brother EVM is incapable of doing wrong hence we should be one with him. The point of this article is not to insult nor to revolt and rebel against the present Administration.  However, what many are trying to say is why so much emphasis on HIM? What is all this business about being One with EVM?

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 3.45.50 PM.pngIt is all over the internet with websites dedicated to having brethren just declare their Oneness with him. But if we listen to his grandfather, Brother Felix, he taught otherwise. (see previous article Infallibility Part I) He kept saying “Do not listen to Manalo”. Why is it that Bro. Felix repeatedly stated do not listen to him? Was it just a phrase or idiom he liked to use? No. He explained it himself….


What did he say when someone asked him about serving God? He said “Nothing… my head is empty… I am a fool… I have no opinion…I am not persuading you to me, but to God.”

What is the point of God’s messenger? We trust in God. We listen to God’s words. We do not put our hope in man. That’s what Bro. Felix drilled in the brethren’s heads. He did not draw attention about what amazing things he did. He did not talk about what dynamic thing he accomplished. Brother Felix Manalo admitted and declared that he was FALLIBLE. He made mistakes like any other human being. What is the proof that he made mistakes? HE even said it in his sermon….

PLAY FYM error Audio

What I am trying to say is, please stop making everything about EVM. The world nor the Church revolves around him. What did Paul the Apostle say?
“The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!” On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, and the parts that we think are less honorable we treat with special honor. And the parts that are unpresentable are treated with special modesty while our presentable parts need no special treatment.

It is NOT HERESY if we do not give such special treatment to EVM. We are all simply parts of the one body – that includes the Administrator. The important part is the head (Christ)- not the various body parts. This is nothing new. Brother Felix Manalo emphasized this because this is what the Apostles taught. If you still cannot grasp the previous verse, then read these verses below very carefully and understand. It is in 1 Corinthians 3:3-7:

“You are still not following the Spirit. You are jealous of each other, and you are always arguing with each other. This shows that you are still following your own selfish desires. You are acting like ordinary people of the world. One of you says, “I follow Paul,” and someone else says, “I follow Apollos.” When you say things like that, you are acting like people of the world.”

Isn’t this exactly what is happening when all these “loyal brethren” are proclaiming “I am One with EVM”? Ask yourselves, when you say “I am one with EVM”, isn’t that the same thing as saying “I follow Paul”? or “I follow Apollos”? Then please continue READING Apostle Paul’s words…

“Is Apollos so important? Is Paul so important? We are only servants of God who helped you believe. Each one of us did the work God gave us to do. I planted the seed and Apollos watered it. But God is the one who made the seed grow. So the one who plants is not important, and the one who waters is not important. ONLY GOD IS IMPORTANT, because he is the one who makes things grow.”

It is God and Jesus Christ whom we praise. They are the ones who should be honored. And the rest? We are just parts of the body that need no special treatment. Even Apostle Paul admitted “we are only servants of God who helped you believe” The Administration’s work is to make known God’s words – we agree but isn’t that what Paul said? But the important one is God.

Nowadays, it seems like that a church member commits the unholiest of sins if we choose to disagree with ka EVM. One could be easily expelled if we simply do not admit that we are “One with EVM”. So that others will not say that this commentary is to turn other people away from the Church or to make you have doubts, then simply LISTEN TO THE MESSENGER’S WORDS in which he says that this is a GOOD example. There are 2 audio files below . The first one is the entire portion of the story. The 2nd file is merely the highlight where the sister calls Brother Manalo. (note:audio may be a little soft)

PLAY AUDIO – FYM castro (full)
PLAY AUDIO – FYM castro (end)

To summarize what he says, about a Dr. Castro who courted Sister Esperanza. She made it clear that he would have to join the INC first. After 5 years, he finally joined and asked her to get married. But to appease his family, he asked if they could get married in the Catholic Church first, out of respect to his family. She said no but Dr. Castro wanted to ask Brother Manalo anyway. But she said that “even if he agrees, I will still refuse. I follow God and not Brother Manalo. She even called him and said the exact same thing to him; “I am not following you”. Could this be spoken and done today with the present Administration? 

In short, Brother Felix Manalo was pleased when people believed in and obeyed God, not him and not because of him. As he insisted, he was a man who made mistakes.


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