Matters of this World

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.38.19 PM.pngI began this blog weeks ago to make a comment about how problems are not being tackled or questions not being answered satisfactorily. I wanted to write once to get it out of my system but somehow it has become almost an everyday routine to write because there are more and more issues that arise almost on a daily which are really bothering me. My purpose is not to attack anyone. It is not to weaken anyone’s faith. I have my own faith I have to deal with. Right now I am wrestling with the things going on around me. I have friends who have been expelled. I have friends who are becoming more and more inactive. Others stepped down in their duties. Some are secretly harbouring all these questions in their minds. And I feel so helpless. What shall I do? Bring it up to the Ministers who will “talk” to them? Next thing you know, they’re being announced and we are instructed not to talk to nor welcome them. That is not the help I want to give to my friends.

What is messing up my brain is how the ‘leaders’ are acting amidst all this. What I, or many expect from the leaders are what we have come to know all these years. If there are doctrinal issues, they answer them with doctrine. If there are unruly people, they just get expelled. If there are questions, the leaders talk to the brethren and counsel them. Done. Simple. They are the source of spiritual wisdom and they dealt with them in the spiritual way.

But for some reason, these days there are inane actions or replies that come from the leaders themselves. Take the latest and greatest hit from ka Edwil Z. the Spokesperson. The “boycott ABS-CBN, Rappler, CNN, TFC, etc.” spread very quickly because the Ministers were informed and they relayed to the brethren under their care this directive from the Administration.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.47.12 PM.pngBut now, Bro. Z the Spokesperson says there have been no circulars about it! What is he insinuating? That this was not a mandated action of the Administration? That all these Ministers and brethren are doing this on their own? So Brother Joji Crisostomo (the District Minister in the eastern seaboard) and Brother Joel San Pedro (the Defender of the Truth, Justice and the Sanggunian way) are now self-willed individuals urging all to Boycott without the go-signal of ka EVM?

This is what I was referring in my previous posts. Why are we being treated as morons just to protect the Administration? To order the boycott and then vehemently deny it is absurd. In case there is a legal action taken by the Media outlets, will the Administration say “Oh, we never said that. Those are just rumors!” Who then are the sources of confusion? Does it not say that “God is not a God of disorder but of peace”?

The question now is not whether there was a directive from “upstairs” ( WE KNOW THERE IS) but WHY would they DENY it? Is it when legal actions are taken, they are protected? Who will then take the heat? Individual Ministers? Of course that would make sense. Because just like the case in Virginia which we can call (Rose vs Inocencio) instead of the INC, even if the expelled sister Rose had won, the Church would not be directly affected but instead the individual Minister ka Steve Inocensio. What would he pay? Not much. But imagine if it was the Church that was sued and lost. Millions could be at stake. This is the very reason that outside the Philippines, the church vehicles are registered under the Ministers’ names and not under the church. In case there are accidents, and the Minister is at fault, the other party decides to sue, not much would be obtained compared to what they could get from the Church. Every accident would cost the Church millions. Ok, I am slightly digressing…

I am not confused whether or not the church leaders had given the instructions to boycott. We know they did. Only a fool would think otherwise. What is confusing is why these kinds of actions? Boycott this. Boycott that. Rally here. Rally there. Sue here. Sue there. Boycotts, rallies and suing. Those are really worldly terms and worldly actions. This is what happens when the church, instead of tending to our spiritual needs, the church gets into more and more worldly matters. Think, as I often write, why involve the church in these: Unlad programs, world records, rap concerts of non-members and many more. Are these supposed to edify the brethren? One hour of fireworks? K-Pop concerts?  The point I am getting at, is once the leaders start getting entangled in worldly things, instead of the spiritual, then it will involve the church in worldly matters. IS THIS NOT WHAT WE ARE SEEING?

2 Corinthians 10:4 says: “We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments”.

The moment we rely on worldly knowledge or delve into worldly matters, this is the result. Worldly problems. Boycotts and rallies? Or even worse, why encourage the brethren to boycott? Why teach the brethren to sue? Why teach the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo to lash out in a worldly manner? That is why Apostle Paul said “We use God’s mighty weapons (His teachings), not worldly weapons…”

What is the point of the Boycott? Is it to stop the press of “unfair” reporting? Who cares? My faith does not rely news reports. I have never cared what the world has said about the Church. Why start now?  Are we not taught to ENDURE? Not try to stop the insults. Did Jesus Christ instruct His disciples “THEY WILL HURT ME SO START A RALLY AGAINST THE ROMAN EMPIRE”?

The Apostles taught, “Do not repay evil for evil. Don’t retaliate with insults when people insult you. Instead, pay them back with a blessing…” Look it up people – – 1 Peter 3:9. It’s a commandment.
And if the Church and the leaders retaliate to every insult, every lie and every comment, instead of enduring these things, what do they think this will be the end of it? This will simply be a Pandora’s Box. You open up a whole new set of problems. Litigations. Counter rallies of other people and other religions, it would be endless. Why? Because we are getting involved with the things of this world. Think: Didn’t all these worldly matters begin with the world record breaking Arena? What do we really care if it was a WORLD record. The Bible says that “this world is passing away”. So what was the big deal of breaking a record. From then on, things just unravelled. WHY? We got involved with matters of this world.

Let’s keep this short. If the church is thrown into matters of this world, then be prepared to be mired with all that goes in this world. But keep in mind the words of Apostle John: “Those people belong to this world, so they speak from the world’s viewpoint and world listens to them”.

We CANNOT be part of the worldly matters. What we need to follow are the examples and teachings of Jesus. There are enemies. There are insults. There are sufferings. But a true disciple is able to overcome the world – not get entangled with the affairs of it.


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