It boggles my mind that the stance of the Church Administration is that they are not aware of the SCAN International Organization filing lawsuits against Lowell Menorca II. From the time that Bro. EVM established the organization (yes, he was the one who established it), their purpose was, as it is indicated in their name, to be COMMUNICATORS and NETWORKERS. Did they “communicate” their intent with ka EVM? Are we to believe that the SCAN International is allowed to do such things without the consent or permission of the Church Administration??! In the age of “I am One with EVM” when you can’t even blow your nose without declaring unity with the Administrator, you are telling us that SCAN just did this on their own?

So when Ka Edwil Z., the Spokesperson, says that the Administration is not aware of these things, then what does that say? It means one of 4 things:

1.    That the Administration IS aware but the Spokesperson is unaware of it. (Clueless Spokesperson then isn’t  he?)
2.     That the Administration IS aware And the Spokesperson is aware but chose to lie. (Worse than being clueless)
3.    That the Administration IS NOT aware because SCAN did not tell them (Ka Emer Culala – Call sign DW1VLY –  has gone rogue) EXPEL!!
4.    That the Administration IS SOMEWHAT aware because SCAN told them that they just want to EYEBALL with Menorca (That’s Radio jargon, for you – Defenders)

If the SCAN is indeed doing this on their own, then how can they be COMMUNICATORS if they cannot even Communicate this crucial information with the Administration? FAIL.
But more likely, is that the Administration is the one who has pushed this. How can SCAN afford to file the lawsuits? Is this out of the individuals’ pockets? Or is this FUNDED by the Administration? Because if it is? Then how is it funded? By the offerings again? Will we now have a new Special Offering for the AID to LITIGATION FUND?

Some of you may have detected some sarcasm, ok a lot of sarcasm in this commentary. I feel sarcastic today because it feels like the brethren are being treated as idiots. When there are issues that arise, we are being insulted in our intelligence. Here are a few examples:

Plane? There IS no plane. See, we even have a picture with the crew of a commercial aircraft. Oh, ok, Yes there is a plane after all. But I need it because… I have a phobia flying. But I feel better when it’s mine.”

Money? We are not in trouble. We even built so many chapels. (How many were dedicated as Class A?) Uhhh…. we built many chapels. But keep giving!! You cannot perform if you don’t offer!!”

Fence? There is NO fence. Oh ok. Yes, there is a fence. I just saw it. Oh there it is.”

Lawsuit? Oh we don’t know..”

And it goes on and on…

But I don’t want to conclude with these. Let us end with Scripture…

Proverbs 29:12 NASB
“If a ruler pays attention to falsehood, All his ministers become wicked.”


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