One with EVM

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The present campaign and one of the biggest controversies that have now arisen is the to be “One with EVM”. The campaign is, simply put, to be united with Brother Eduardo V. Manalo in whatever he has decided. The bone of contention is when there are brethren who would rather say “I am one with God and Jesus Christ”.

Is there anything wrong with saying “I am one with God and Christ”? Of course not. That is what Jesus Christ taught us.
John 17:21.…that they may be one as we are one… that they may be one in UsDoctrinal.
The argument now is the “I am one with EVM”. Is that doctrinal? Let us examine…
Here’s a question. Do the doctrines in the Iglesia Ni Cristo change? Ask your Resident Minister. Ask your District Minister.
The answer? NO. The doctrines do not change.
So if you ask, is “I am one with EVM” doctrinal? They will give a resounding YES.
So here is the next question; What happens if or when ka EVM passes away? Will we forever say I am one with EVM? Even with a new Executive Minister? Of course not!
So is it not more appropriate and doctrinally sound to say, I am one with God and Christ? THAT will never change.

Then why threaten brethren with expulsion if they do not want to say “I am One with EVM”? Some have even declared “I am one with God and Christ” and have been reprimanded for it! WHY?? Is that such an evil act?

Second point; if “I am one with EVM” is doctrinal, then why did ka Felix Manalo and ka Erdy Manalo never demand that from brethren? There is no record in Church history of ka Felix ever requiring members to declare “I am one with FYM” or Erdy requiring us to pledge “I am one with EGM”. Is it a NEW doctrine? As a matter of fact, the Messenger himself kept repeating, “Do not listen to Manalo”. A far cry from the “I am One etc…”
And he declared, I am not persuading you to me, but be persuaded to the words of God. That is Doctrine.


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