Teach, not Hunt

Let’s just get right to the heart of the matter. Where can you find in the Bible, that the leader of God’s nation, especially from our Lord Jesus, whom we are told, set the best example for us, commanded or instructed His disciples to HUNT down those who did not believe or those who did not respect Him. On the contrary, those who sinned, on a couple of occasions Jesus even gently spoke to them and showed COMPASSION on them. We are not all perfect. We are sinners. We have different levels of faith. So if a brother or a sister is not that strong or has doubts, do you simply harass them and threaten then with expulsion?

The reality is that there will always be people who are against the church. But let’s be clear about this. The leaders need to differentiate who are those who have questions and issues and those who are opposed to the Church of Christ. Somehow what is happening is that the Ministers have become witch hunters seeking for every member who “are not one with EVM”. Give it a break! Because someone’s Thanksgiving is lower this year? Because they did not put in the District fund? How do you know they aren’t just financially struggling? Or there is an illness in the family? Perhaps they lost their job. Stop labeling brethren as “against the Administration” for simply having decreased offerings. We know the doctrines. That is between the brethren and God. We know what we are capable of. So does God.  It’s nothing personal bro. EVM. Don’t make it personal. It is not always about you.

Suppose a brother does have issues with the offering. Let’s get to the point. Maybe they are shocked with the Airbus. Or perhaps they’ve seen how the Sanggunian live and spent the money on fancy hotels. Are these brethren now deemed unworthy?  Why is it that when some ask about how the offerings are being used, the answer is always “That’s like Judas Iscariot. He pretended to show concern for the offerings.” So we are now all Judases for wondering about the expenditures? What if we really are concerned?

I wish there were direct answers to these questions. All we get in the Worship Services are “don’t believe the lies” or ” don’t listen to those attacking the Administration”. Hey, I have a suggestion, why not answer the questions? Why not answer how much the Airbus costs? How much does it take to maintain? We do that with the local offerings right? Some Ministers will say in the Worship Service, “we have to pay utilities; the chapel needs repairs; we need to put up a fence, and so on.  Where will these come from? From our local fund”. But now, it is a joke. What did one Minister preach a few weeks ago to indirectly answer and justify having an Airbus? The minister said, “How will brother EVM do his visitation? (sarcastically toned) Swim across the ocean?!”  No. The correct answer is, like everybody else. Take a commercial flight. There is no great shame in taking a regular international flight. Bro Felix and Bro. Erdy did it. I heard fear of flying as another justification. Brother, the Airbus does not crash any softer. Sorry. Plus didn’t he just say that he will give his life for the Church?

The main issue that many brethren have with this is that the offerings could have been used for better things, like hmm I don’t know, maybe… CHAPELS? There are still many congregations worshiping in hotel lobbies, warehouses,  rented rooms, and horrible neighborhoods while we are spending on planes, copters and towns (for 6 people)! We spent an obscene amount for an arena that was used to show Katy Perry and rapper and girlfriend beater Chris Brown. So notorious is he that Australia wouldn’t even let him in the country. But he’s good enough for the Iglesia Ni Cristo!! Yoo-hoo.  What does Katy Perry or Chris Brown have to do with my salvation? NOTHING.  I did not give my monetary contributions so Katy can shake her “talents” on stage. And then this year, we have the Guinness Fireworks. Yippee!! What cracks me up is when brethren say that they see the fireworks, it is “inspiring”. Really? Sparklers does that for you? Then we really need to get back to the basics of the Bible. That is why I posted that fireworks4“we have the Guinness for the most Fireworks – We MUST be the true Church” For those who cannot read into the sarcasm, World records have nothing to do with my faith nor my salvation.

Let me say what many brethren are whispering about; Why are offerings being diverted to such musical nonsense and odd ventures like Unlad? There are so many other things we need in the locales. Chapels that need renovations; parking lots that need repaving; repairs here and there. What the Sanggunian don’t seem to grasp is that 99.99% of brethren have limited financial resources. If there is a campaign for District fund, many will adjust their Thanksgiving to support the District. If there is a campaign for the Thanksgiving, brethren will adjust from the local fund. If we are really pressed to help, brethren will decrease their foods do family allowance just to support the cause. But please understand,  we do not have bottomless wallets and purses! Ministers will often reply, trust in God. Yes we do. That’s what God has blessed us with. So what we give, don’t squander it! How do you think ka Felix managed then? He didn’t have U.S. Dollars coming in? He carefully and frugally managed the finances and not by harassing the brethren. Why can’t we get back to that?

Since we are on the subject of expenses, why is it that we have to PAY to see the movie of The Messenger? How was the movie made? Wasn’t it through the brethren’s offerings? Now we have to pay to watch the very movie that was made with our own offerings?!? Am I missing something here? It’s like going to the grocers, buying ingredients, preparing it at home and then getting charged for the meal you cooked.

In some places, the movie is still showing. You have made merchandise out of the Sugo! Why??

And you wonder why brethren ask questions? fireworks5.jpg