The Honor of the Ministry

I’ve been in the Church long enough to have met the old Ministers. If you are too, then you would know what I am talking about. I’m talking about the olden days. A long time ago, there were only a handful of Ministers. One reason of course, is because there weren’t that many members. But another reason is because it wasn’t the ‘best’ choice. They didn’t get much money. They did not have places to live nor cars to drive. The places they went did not have large locales with pastoral houses. In other words, it was a humble existence and the few who joined were, as they say, the chosen few.  The Minister’s wife was also a difficult one. Many did not want to be married to a Minister because it meant giving up many choices and a possible comfortable life. It was truly a sacrifice born out of love and faith.

Fast forward to today. Thousands have now joined. I’m sure there are men who joined because it is their calling. But sad to say, with the ‘glamour‘ and ‘glitz‘ of the Church today, it attracts other kinds as well. Those who may be simply joining for material gain, for power, for life in the Western world.

How can we tell? Very easy brethren. Think. Aren’t there SO MANY Ministers now who are accepting money from brethren? Some don’t simply accept, they hint and others just directly ask! Come on. This is no secret. This is no slander. How many have enjoyed that free lunch at a fancy restaurant lately? In the Philippines especially. I have relatives who are ‘instructed’ by the resident Minister to ‘prepare’ their amount when the District Minister comes to visit. Who are those Ministers who look disappointed when they shake your hand and there is no $$ in your palm? Or when there are ‘Pastors’ who talk to the Evangelical workers from America to ask for ca$h. No. Not the Pesos. They want mighty U$ dollars. Ask brethren with sons and nephews who are assigned in the locales in the Philippines. They know that if they want to be assigned in a “nicer (purok)/Area” they have to “give” to the Pastor. It’s not how hard they work or how much Bible students they have, just slide that cash to your Pastor. Is this libel? Please. How many would testify to this? The line would go around the block.

This is not to bash today’s Ministers. Somewhere in the corners of the planet are still Ministers who are true to their calling. And sad to say, they see the harsh reality and they just keep quiet about it. But I’m not referring to them. I’m talking about those who have gotten what they want by squeezing the brethren dry; of abusing their position and those whose intention is to simply get in position of power for selfish gain. It’s not just about the money. It’s how they get it. It’s how they get there. Some do their best to get close to someone in power. Kissing up to the District Minister or some higher-up in Central.

Those higher-ups in Central get their families in even better positions by marrying those Workers from America. You don’t think so? Is this just my warped mind making things up? Oh you naïve sheep. Look around you. Look at those young ones with their pretty wives. Those are the daughters of the you-know-who. It’s a symbiotic relationship. The girls get to go to America and the boys get a high ranking daddy. So every few months big Daddy and Mommy get to visit in America. Convenient right? So now they get to trot around in glamorous fashion with the Coach handbags and designer dresses and shoes while they campaign the brethren to offer because what we have given is still unworthy before God. The ironic thing is, the new young ministers have never tasted a day of real work in the real world and now they dictate to the brethren that we can offer MORE.

If there is a “minister” reading this blog, I suggest the next time you accept that ‘folded bill’ from the sister or go to dinner after Worship Service with the brethren and automatically assume that they will pay, think twice. This might be you…
“You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you.”
James 5:5-6


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