The 4 Commandments

The 4 Commandments
I assume that we are receiving the same Worship Service lessons throughout the world. So when I ask this question, I assume you will know what I am talking about.
Have  you noticed these days that there are only 4 Commandments left? Yes, I said FOUR.
Listen to the lessons carefully. No matter what the topic is, the Minister will end up talking about the Four commandments. What are they? You know what they are. Say them with me:

1.    Attending the Worship Services.
2.    Giving offerings (That covers Thanksgiving and local fund and district and whatever the Special special is that week)
3.    Missionary Work. Share our faith people. We need more members
4.    And of course, the trending topic… Submit to the Administration.

Aren’t these the commandments of God, you ask? Of course they are! But somewhere along the way, we have lost the other Commandments. The Ministers don’t teach them anymore in the worship services. I mean when Jesus Christ was asked what is the Greatest Commandment, I distinctly remember it is NOT Submit to EVM. He said “Love the Lord God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind. He said this is the FIRST and GREATEST commandment. And the Second, He said, is (no, not submit to EVM) Love your neighbor as yourself.” And yet, how often are we taught these two commandments? What about all the other commandments? Well, Jesus went on further, He said that all the laws hang on these. Meaning that if we obey these two, that covers all the others. What’s my point?  When there are brethren who say that they are one with God, doesn’t that also cover being one with the Administration? So why are Ministers throwing a hissy fit when brethren prefer to say there are one with God? There is nothing undoctrinal about that. 
Back to my topic. The 4 commandments. We get the point. We need to worship, offer, missionize and submit. But please teach other lessons. How about brotherhood? Remember those lessons? Husband and wife lessons? Parents and children lessons? (Oh. Maybe that’s a touchy subject right now. Ok not that for now. Maybe when the Mom returns). Livelihood? As in being a good employee. Why not lessons have like that I remember hearing. For goodness sakes, teach about Christmas or Easter. But please let’s move on from the Fab 4 commandments. It is becoming very annoying. Perhaps when the Ministers look up from their preachers’ guide, they will see the brethren looking utterly bored. I’m just waiting for brethren to reply in the worship service when the Minister pretends to ask a question. “We must obey God’s commands. What are some?” I’m thinking, here we go again… maybe someone should shout out: “honor your father and mother!” Or “Thou shall not kill”. “Thou shall not steal”. That would be a more interesting service.

For clarification,  I am NOT against those 4 teachings. Contrary to what I’ve heard in the worship services, no one has told me to stop offering. Mr. A.E has not whispered to me to stop offering. I believe it is a commandment. But it’s not really the issue. The brethren are wondering about what happens to the offering AFTER it is given. For example, brethren don’t like it when we there is a campaign for the Special Offering to fix the gate. We give and then it is not fixed because it is used for other things. (Hint hint, you know who you are). That’s called misappropriation of funds. The more we don’t like it when we give to the Thanksgiving, which for the Unaware, is also called Construction Fund. Meaning it’s for the construction of chapels. So is it being used for such? If not, then that is also misappropriation.

As for missionary work. Yes we should invite. But if non members ask ‘hey what’s happening to your Church?’ It’s very difficult to convince them when we ourselves can’t answer. “Ignore it” is not a powerful response to them. It doesn’t even work on us.

And lastly, attending the Worship Service. For goodness sakes, it’s been drilled to us since our Bible studies. No matter how many times you say it, it’s the same thing. We KNOW we should attend. But ministers are missing the point. WHY are there some who are not attending? Go find out. Some are simply bored hearing the 4 Commandments. Or, it will come back to answering the questions. Provide a good answer and the brethren will follow. Give a lame vague answer and we  will see right through it. Don’t treat us like idiots.


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